Naatak Auditions 2019

Audition date: Sep 28 | Show dates: Nov 15 – 24

Mela: Tales of Forbidden Desire


in Hindi and English, with supertitles in English

Saturday, Sep 28, 9.30 AM – 2 PM.
We are looking for good diction, a clear voice and stage presence, and fluency in Hindi, Urdu or English.


Lihaaf (Hindi/Urdu)

Roles: 4 women (20-50 yrs), 1 girl (8-13 yrs, Hindi Speaking)

An adaptation of Ismat Chugtai’s short story, Lihaaf deals with the complex emotions of a neglected wife and her insulated and suffocating life in a feudal society, as viewed through the eyes of a young, innocent girl.

Shmashaan (Hindi)

Roles: 2 men (25-40 yrs), 1 woman (25-40 yrs)

Set in the cremation ghats of Benaras, this short play asks the question: to what limits does a man stoop when faced with trying circumstances?

Khol Do (Hindi/Urdu)

Roles: 1 man (40-55 yrs), 2 men (25-45 yrs), 1 woman (16-25 yrs, Hindi Speaking)

An adaptation of Saadat Hasan Manto’s short story, Khol Do offers a peek into the insanity of the India-Pakistan partition.

The Confession (English)

Roles: 2 men (40-50 yrs), 1 man (30-40 yrs), 2 women (20-40 yrs)

Inspired by real-life events in 2018, The Confession examines the boundaries of forbidden consensual and non-consensual desire, set against the backdrop of the Syro-Malabar Church in Southern India. (knowledge of Malayalam or Tamil is a plus but not a requirement)


Use this form to RSVP.

The auditions are expected to last from 9.30 AM to 2.00 PM, but you will be sent a time-slot after you RSVP.

How to prepare for the audition:

Prepare a 90-second performance in Hindi (and another one in English if you’d like to be considered for both languages). The performances should involve some movement, and be sufficiently rich that we can judge your stage presence as well as your fluency in the language(s). The two performances (if auditioning for both languages) need not flow together – it is OK if they are completely disconnected 90-second pieces.

Audition Venue

Naatak House, 2110D Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara