Audition Call : Mela 2016


Naatak Presents its 55th Production

5 Plays in 5 Languages

Mela 2016

મેળો · मेळा · মেলা · மேளா · मेला

(With Super-Titles in English)
Audition Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016 (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati), Sunday, September 25, 2016 (Tamil), and October 4-5 (Bengali)
Audition Venue: Naatak House, 2110D Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA
Show Dates: November 18 – December 5, 2016
Venue: Cubberley Theater, Palo Alto, CA

About the Plays

1. অমর্ত্য (Bengali) – IMMORTAL

Based on ময়ূরকণ্ঠী জেলী (“Mayurkanthi Jelly”), a short story by Satyajit Ray
Adapted and directed by Bodhi Das | Produced by Sudipta Chatterjee
When a scientist dies unexpectedly, his friend embarks on the project of publishing his work and finds himself entangled in a web of love, friendship, and ethical dilemmas.

2. ஆடு பலி ஆட்டம் (Tamil) – THE GOAT SLAUGHTER GAME

Based on “Lamb to the Slaughter”, a short story by Roald Dahl
Adapted and directed by Mahesh Umasankar
Shattered by the discovery that her husband is leaving her, a devoted housewife retaliates, gathering the pieces rather cleverly.

3. गारे की दीवार (Hindi) – THE MUD WALL

Written by Narendra Kohli
Directed by Monica Chitkara | Produced by Vineeta Singh
Having moved to a new house, a family is visited by a thief whose arrival throws their lives into confusion.

4. Logging Out (Marathi)

Written by Dharmakirti Sumant
Directed by Aditya Kulkarni
A girl prefers to live in the virtual world when talking to her boyfriend, but becomes acutely aware of her loneliness when forced to share her physical world with neighbors.

5. જુઓ શી કલા થી મે તમને છુપાવ્યા (Gujarati) – LOOK HOW ARTFULLY I PROTECTED YOU

Based on “How He Lied to Her Husband” by George Bernard Shaw
Adapted by Vikas Dhurka and Paresh Vyas | Directed by Vikas Dhurka | Produced by Alka Sippy
A married woman and her lover get into a pickle with her husband and then get out of it.

Roles Available

BENGALI (Auditions: Oct 4-5, time: TBD)
1 Female, 30-45 years
3 Males, 30-45 years
1 Male, 45-60 years
HINDI (Auditions: Sep 24, time: 1-5 pm)
1 Male, 45-60 years
1 Female, 45-60 years
2 Males, 25-35 years
1 Female, 25-35 years

TAMIL (Auditions: Sep 25, time: 10 am – 12 noon)
1 Female, 25-35 years
5 Males, 30-45 years
MARATHI (Auditions: Sep 24, time: 10:30 am – 1 pm)
2 Males, 20-35 years
1 Female, 20-35 years

GUJARATI (Auditions: Sep 24, time: 9 am – 12:30 pm)
1 Female, 30-40 years
1 Male, 35-45 years
1 Male, 18-25 years
How to audition:
Prepare a 2-min monologue in the language of the play
You will receive a time slot by email

Language: Several Indian Languages (with English supertitles)