Audition Call: The Odd Couple (male version)

Naatak’s 67th Production

The Odd Couple (male version)

Playwright: Neil Simon | Director: Mukund Marathe

(translated into Hindi)

About the Play

The Odd Couple is a story of two divorced men – neurotic neat-freak Manish Chandra and fun-loving slob Oscar Mendoza – who decide to live together, even though their personalities clash.

Audition Details

Saturday December 22, and Sunday December 23, 11 AM to 4 PM

Naatak House, 2110 D Walsh Ave, Santa Clara CA 95051

Roles Available

Oscar Mendoza – male, age 40-45
Manish Chandra – male, age 40-45
4 poker buddies – males, age 40-45
2 Parsi women – age 35-40

Audition Format

  1. RSVP to indicating your name, age and previous theater experience, if any.
  2. Participants to prepare a monologue in Hindi that is not more than 2 minutes. A timer will be used to stop you if you go over 2 minutes.
  3. The monologue should involve some movement and action; it should not be a speech.
  4. Shortlisted participants will be given lines from the play to memorize and present in a second round immediately after the first.

Rehearsals will start December 29th and will be held on weekends and at least one weekday.

Show Dates

March 1 – 16, 2019

If you want to RSVP for the female version of the play, click here