About Us

Naatak, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit, is a theater company in the San Francisco bay area, dedicated to producing intelligent and entertaining plays. Started in 1995 by students at the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University, Naatak is now the most prominent and biggest Indian theater company in the United States, having performed continuously over 20 years. In those two decades, our plays have been watched by tens of thousands. Our members – more than 750 over two decades – are drawn primarily from the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley. So is our audience.

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Naatak House
2110D Walsh Ave,
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Email: info@naatak.org
Tel: 408-499-5692

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We have set ourselves a few guidelines to ensure that Naatak functions in accordance with the general principles on which it was founded. The spirit behind these guidelines is to provide the pleasure of good theater to our audience – unsullied by appeals, announcements, speeches or banners – and the satisfaction of creative activity to Naatak members.

1. Naatak was founded to bring intelligent and entertaining theater to residents of the San Francisco bay area. Our shows are not fund-raising events and will not be advertised as such.

2. Our plays will be managed frugally.

3. As far as feasible, all work related to our plays will be performed by Naatak members.

4. In most cases, a person who wishes to direct or produce a Naatak play must have been significantly involved in at least two recent productions, must take responsibility for financial and organizational aspects of the play, and must commit to abide by the principles on which Naatak was founded.

5. Ticket prices for Naatak plays shall remain low. Discounts will be given if financial need can be proven.

6. During Naatak shows, the inside of the theater must not contain advertisements for any organization, program brochures must not contain advertisements for non-Naatak events or products, and there must be no non-Naatak announcements before, during or after the play. All organizations must seek approval to advertise outside the theater, including the lobby and parking lot, and approved organizations must agree not to solicit our audience inside or outside the theater with flyers.

Join Our Team

If you enjoy creative theater, you are welcome to join Naatak. You could participate as an actor, script-writer, director, producer, set-designer, make-up artist, light or sound person, or you could help in sales, marketing and publicity. Previous theater experience is desirable but not a requirement. For more information on how to join Naatak, contact info@naatak.org.

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Naatak Officers

Alka Sippy
Production Manager

Vikas Dhurka
Production Managers

Madhav Duggineni
Production Manager

Indranil Roychoudhury

Soumya Agastya
Costumes Designer

Savitha Samu
Props Designer

Snigdha Jain
Production Designer

Manish Sabu

Harish Sunderam Agastya
Operations Director

Asheesh Divetia
Sets Director
Rajiv Nema
Marketing Director


Sujit Saraf
Artistic Director