Naatak Auditions

Dinnertime Plays

FOURTEEN by Alice Gerstenberg, directed by Anitha Dixit
A socialite plans the perfect dinner party in this hilarious satire.

ROYAL TAJ by Suruchi Mohan, directed by Poulomi Sarkar
A wedding anniversary dinner mixes menu and grievance.

language: English
image by Hannah Busing

Roles available (all South-Asian)

2 Females (25-35)

1 Female (40-80)

1 Male (32-35)

1 Male or Female (30-45)

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Audition date: 10 AM, November 28, 2020


1. You will receive a Zoom link a day before the audition. Please log in on time.

2. Come prepared with a 90-second monologue in English from a play or film you like, or something you’ve written yourself.

3. Try to demonstrate clear diction and screen presence. This is a play on screen, not on stage, so your facial expressions and movements should be appropriate for that medium.

4. This is a Zoom audition, so your Zoom readiness will be a factor in our decision. Join the meeting on time and do not be fumbling with audio or video when called to perform. Ensure you are well-lit and have a good microphone. If possible, have a blank wall behind you. Avoid virtual backgrounds. Ensure the camera looks horizontally at you. If you are poorly lit, not in focus or cannot be heard, you will reduce your chances of getting a role.

5. After the first round of auditions (monologues), participants will be requested to log off. Call-backs will be communicated to the short-listed candidates immediately following the first round, to read and perform sides from the play(s).

Rehearsal Schedule

Intense rehearsals on zoom, mostly in the evenings, until the first show.

Show dates: January 16 and 23