Audition for Actors


written and directed by Sujit Saraf, produced by Soumya Agastya  
(in Hindi) 
Naatak’s annual musical is set in the sixth century BCE and written entirely in rhyme. The play follows the life of Siddharth as he leaves his father’s palace, travels to Rajgir, attains enlightenment in Gaya to become Gautam Buddha, preaches his first sermon near Varanasi, criss-crosses the kingdoms of Magadh and Kaushal to persuade the world, and alters the course of human history. The play will feature an ensemble cast, live music and dance. 

YOU MUST SHOW YOUR VACCINATION CARD (hard/soft copy) to enter the audition.

Roles available:
This play features gender-neutral casting – actors will play roles without regard to gender. There are 20 roles, ages 15-75.
For many of the roles in the play, a shaved head is required. If you are able to shave your head, say so in your RSVP.

Audition details:
Saturday, June 26, at NAATAK HOUSE, 2110A Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara
RSVP by filling out this rsvp form


1. Two days before the audition, you will receive a time slot between 10 AM and 12 PM.

2. Come prepared with a 90-second performance in Hindi. Select a piece with much movement and speech and, ideally, a range of emotions.

3. If shortlisted, you will be called back at 12 PM

4. Roles will be announced by 1 PM.

What are we looking for?

Stage presence and fluency in Hindi. If you happen to be a classically trained dancer or vocalist, mention that in your RSVP because a few roles require both. If you are able to shave your head, mention that in the RSVP. Note that this is not a dance audition: its primary goal is to select actors who will work alongside dancers and singers. If you want to dance in the play, go to the dance audition page.


Starting the end of June – Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Wednesday evenings, to the end of August, with a few short breaks in between.