Saturday Naatak Live

Every Saturday, we will live stream a play on zoom. These will be entertaining, well-rehearsed and well-produced plays ranging in length from 25 to 90 minutes. After each show, the director and the cast will be available to answer questions and chat with you.

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Saturday Naatak Live: Season 2020

8 pm, Saturday, August 8 and 15


written and directed by Anush Moorthy
language: English
A tribute to Perumal Murugan’s One Part Woman , this play imagines a special court session convened to hear the testimony of a woman who says she was raped at a village temple festival.
cast: Preeti Gupta, Vikram Ramanarayanan, Divya Balu, Anindita Mukherjee
duration: 30 minutes
RATING NC17: this play has adult content. Please ensure that those under 17 do not watch it at home with you.

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8 pm, Saturday, August 22 and 29

Sahana Vavatu

based on: Out at Sea by Slawomir Mrozek, adapted by Ashok Vijay, directed by Sudipta Chatterjee
Three men are trapped on a raft in the middle of the sea. And they are hungry…
language: Hindi
cast: Anjali Kirloskar, Ashok Vijay, Namrata Dey, Somdev Sen, Sunny Moza
duration: 35 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, September 5 and 12

प्रस्ताव and पति पत्नी और वो

two hilarious plays, adapted from 2 masterpieces
प्रस्ताव, adapted and directed by Roshni Datta from The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
language: Hindi
duration: 20 minutes

पति पत्नी और वो, adapted by Vikas Dhurka and Paresh Vyas from How He Lied To Her Husband by George Bernard Shaw, and directed by Ritendra Datta
language: Hindi
duration: 20 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, September 19 and 26

Everyone Loves A Good Tsunami

written and directed by Sujit Saraf
December 2004: In Asia, a tsunami has devastated the lives of millions. In Silicon Valley, the India Association has split. In this hilarious satire, it is the victims of the tsunami who come to the rescue of the victims of the split.
language: English
duration: 75 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, October 3 and 10

Ultimate Breaking News

written and directed by Vikram Ramanarayanan
language: English
Four people are trapped in a room by a murderous and invisible captor.
duration: 45 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, October 17 and 24


by Donna Hoke, directed by Harish Agastya
language: English

8 pm, Saturday, October 31 and November 7

आठ घंटे (8 Hours)

by Sujit Saraf, directed by Manish Sabu
language: Hindi
Two typists spend an 8-hour working day – and a lifetime – together, watching the world change around them.
duration: 80 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, November 14

खामोश! अदालत जारी है (Silence! The Court Is In Session)

by Vijay Tendulkar
language: Hindi
A rehearsal by a travelling theater troupe turns very serious.

8 pm, Saturday, November 21


by Sujit Saraf
language: English
Known worldwide as the “hugging saint”, Mataji has hugged millions, bringing them joy and electric vibrations. In this humorous farce, she finally meets someone she cannot hug.

8 pm, Saturday, November 28

Inspector General (adapted to Hindi)

by Gogol
language: Hindi
The inspector general is about to visit town for an inspection, and corrupt local officials are scrambling to make a good impression.

8 pm, Saturday, December 5

God of Carnage

by Yasmeena Reza
language: Hindi
After two boys quarrel, their parents meet to patch things up in a mature manner, but perhaps they aren’t too mature.

8 pm, Saturday, December 12

The Naatak Musical

8 pm, Saturday, December 19

Carte Blanche

Frequently asked Questions

Question 1: How do I watch the plays?
A week before each production, you will receive a “choose your show” email. After you choose your show, you will receive an e-ticket with a “Watch” button to watch that show.
Question 2: Do I need an app to watch these plays?
You need the Zoom app to watch these plays. If you do not have it, download it at

Past Plays

8 pm, Saturday, July 25 and August 1


by Ratnakar Matkari, directed by Mukund Marathe
A blind writer asks his girl-friend to make a life of her own.
language: Hindi
cast: Mugdha Kulkarni, Chaitanya Godsay
duration: 25 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, July 11 and 18

He Said And She Said

by Alice Gerstenberg, directed by Poulomi Sarkar
He said this and she said that, and who else said what?
language: English
cast: Harshavardhana, Khushboo Kalyani, Preeti Bhat, Sayantanee Dutt
duration: 30 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, June 27 and July 3

Sorry, Wrong Number

by Lucille Fletcher, directed by Monica Mehta Chitkara
A bedridden woman overhears something she should not have.
language: English
cast: Ranjita Chakravarty, Tannistha Mukherjee, Swagato Basumallick, Ashish Chakrabortty, Sharvari Dixit, Sudipta Chatterjee
duration: 30 minutes

8 pm, Saturday, June 13 and 8-9 pm, July 20


by Alice Gerstenberg, directed by Sujit Saraf
A woman meets the wife of her ex-lover, but their inner selves have come along too.
language: English
cast: Savitha Samu, Devika Ashok, Anitha Dixit, Pratiksha Rao-Vaidya
duration: 30 minutes