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What about COVID?
Based on COVID-19 projections, we anticipate that the first 2 plays will be staged outdoors and the last 2 will be staged indoors. Whether indoors or outdoors, we will diligently adhere to all county guidelines to hold shows in a safe manner. To learn what to expect when you come to the show, visit our Covid Safety Page.

If you buy multiple Season Passes, you will sit as a group, and will be socially distant from other groups.

Season 2021

June 19 – July 3 | San Jose | Naatak in the Park

एक था गधा उर्फ़ अलादाद खाँ

written by Sharad Joshi, adapted and directed by Anitha Dixit
(in Hindi)
A Nawab’s ambitions collide with the fate of a donkey in this hilarious and evergreen satire, presented on stage with live, boisterous music. In accordance with county COVID guidelines, this play will be performed in an outdoor amphitheater.
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July 24 – August 6 | San Jose | Naatak in the Park

Witness For The Prosecution

written by Agatha Christie, adapted and directed by Anush Moorthy
(in Hindi)
When a man is accused of murder, his wife becomes the star witness for the prosecution. In accordance with county COVID guidelines, this play will be performed in an outdoor amphitheater.

September 5 – 26 | Palo Alto | Cubberley Theater


written and directed by Sujit Saraf  
(in Hindi, with supertitles in English) 
Naatak’s annual musical is set in the sixth century BCE and written entirely in rhyme. The play follows the life of Siddharth as he leaves his father’s palace, travels to Rajgir, attains enlightenment in Gaya to become “Gautam Buddha”, preaches his first sermon near Varanasi, criss-crosses the kingdoms of Magadh and Kaushal to persuade the world, and alters the course of human history. The play will feature an ensemble cast, live music and dance. 
Children under 7 will not be admitted

October 30 – November 14 | Palo Alto | Cubberley Theater

The Miser

written by Moliere, adapted and directed by Manish Sabu
(in Hindi, with supertitles in English)
Hilarity ensues when a miser seeks to marry his daughter, his son, and himself on the cheap (obviously). This classic comedy by French playwright Moliere is as fresh today as it was in 1668, when it was staged for the first time.

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