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Season 2023-24 (the last 2 plays)

April 19 – May 5, 2024 | Campbell


written by Patrick Hamilton, directed by Poulomi Sarkar
(in Hindi, with supertitles in English)
Gaslight is the gripping story of a man manipulating his wife to make her doubt her own senses – ‘gaslighting’ her, a term that was born with this play. This 1938 thriller debuted in London and was adapted into two films and multiple stage productions. Its Broadway incarnation, Angel Street, remains one of the longest running non-musicals in Broadway history.

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June 14 – June 23, 2024 | Palo Alto

पहली पहली मारुति

written by Sujit Saraf, directed by Anitha Dixit
(in Hindi, with supertitles in English)
On December 14, 1983, Indian Airlines employee Harpal Singh received the keys to a white Maruti-800 from Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, becoming the first owner of a car that would go on to sell more than 20 million times. That was what the newspapers said, but in fact Harpal received the second car because the first – a red Maruti-800 – had been secretly delivered to Lucky Dhamija, a shopkeeper in South Delhi. पहली पहली मारुति (The Very First Maruti) is the hilarious life-story of that secret first Maruti, of how it landed like a meteorite in a government colony, awed the children, office-goers, sweepers and pandits around it, and upturned the life of a grandmother with creeping dementia.

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