Naatak presents its 37th production

The timeless battle of Freedom vs Censorship

आठवाँ सर्ग

(The Eighth Canto)
A riveting drama in Hindi by Surendra Verma
Palo Alto, CA
November 6 & 11-12, 2011

Directed by Manish Sabu

Produced by Pradeep Gupta

About the Play

Mahakavi (Poet Laureate) Kalidas has just finished writing the 8th ‘sarg’ (chapter or canto) of his epic poem ‘Kumarsambhav’. A firestorm of controversy ensues and puts Kalidas on a collision course with the self-appointed ‘protectors of faith’. Are they entitled to make decisions of propriety for the rest of society?

Set in the Gupta Empire, Aathvaa Sarg is a story of artistic freedom versus censorship. The debate is remarkably similar to contemporary controversies sparked by cartoons, paintings or “satanic” verses. Come and witness an epic conflict between the virtuous silent majority and the self-righteous vocal minority.

Language: Hindi (with English supertitles)
Run-time: 120 minutes
This play has mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. | Children under 12 will not be admitted | Flash photography not allowed.


San Jose shows
SUN Nov 6, 3 pm
FRI Nov 11, 8 pm
SAT Nov 12, 3 pm


General: $20 ($16 for 5 or more tickets)
Front Orchestra*: $30 ($25 for 5 or more tickets)

Part of the proceeds benefit Vibha Bay Area
*Front Orchestra guarantees preferential seating


Cubberley Theater
4000 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303