Saturday Naatak Live

plays in the pandemic age, live-streamed

Flowers In The Desert

by Donna Hoke, directed by Harish Agastya
language: English
Two years after his affair rocks their marriage, Preeti calls on Jai with a proposal and an agenda. The play takes us through eight dates in their lives as they attempt to re-ignite the spark in their failed romance.
cast: Devika Ashok, Anush Moorthy
producer: Poulomi Sarkar
camera: Poulomi Sarkar
sound: Saurabh Jain & Poulomi Sarkar
props: Saurabh Jain
sets: Anush Moorthy & Krishna Moorthy
costumes: Avnika Agarwal
poster: Soumi Sarkar
duration: 70 minutes