Saturday Naatak Live

plays in the pandemic age, live-streamed


written and directed by Sujit Saraf
language: English
Known worldwide as the “hugging saint” who provides hugs over Zoom, Mataji has hugged millions, bringing them joy and electric vibrations. In this humorous farce, she finally meets someone for whom a Zoom-hug won’t work.
producer: Anitha Dixit
production team: Poulomi Sarkar, Tuhina Goel
cast: Bruce Blau, Kartic Bhargav, Dilip Ratnam, Amit Sharma, Laurie Michaels, Deanna Shinsky, Jay Ruparel, Ranjini Srinivasan, Shelly Smith, Karla Nema, Mahesh Makhijani, Monica Mehta Chitkara, Deepal Pandya
music: Anitha Dixit
duration: 75 minutes