Saturday Naatak Live

plays in the pandemic age, live-streamed

प्रस्ताव and पति पत्नी और वो

two hilarious plays, adapted from 2 masterpieces
प्रस्ताव, adapted and directed by Roshni Datta from The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
A young man’s proposal to the girl-next-door does not go quite as planned.
language: Hindi
cast: Romie Decosta, Nitin Deo, Neha Goyal
duration: 30 minutes

पति पत्नी और वो, adapted by Vikas Dhurka and Paresh Vyas from How He Lied To Her Husband by George Bernard Shaw, and directed by Ritendra Datta
What happens when a husband discovers the love poems written to his wife by her lover?
language: Hindi
cast: Anjali Bhide, Anupam Dhyani, Harsh Parikh
duration: 30 minutes