Saturday Naatak Live

plays in the pandemic age, live-streamed

8 pm, Saturday, September 19 and 26

Everyone Loves A Good Tsunami

written and directed by Sujit Saraf
December 2004: In Asia, a tsunami has devastated the lives of millions. In Silicon Valley, the India Association has split. In this hilarious satire, it is the victims of the tsunami who come to the rescue of the victims of the split.
language: English
cast: Mukund Marathe, Kartic Bhargav, Anjali Kirloskar, Natraj Kumar, Sravanthi Prattipati, Rekha Marathe, Anirudh Mohan, Manish Sabu
poster art by Anshu Johri, sound by Sudipta Chatterjee
duration: 80 minutes