written by Neil Simon, directed by Harish Agastya

RUMORS is considered the funniest farce written by Neil Simon. A celebrity couple have invited their friends to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, but as guests arrive they discover that the husband has shot himself through the ear, the wife is missing, and the servants have left without preparing dinner. To protect the hosts from rumor mills, the friends attempt to cover up the whole episode – from the outside world and from each other – setting off a spiraling web of secrets, lies and misunderstandings, and a crazy night of classic slamming-door farcical hilarity.

Run-time: 2 hours, language: English
Children under 7 will not be admitted

Cast: Anjali Bhide, Chaitanya Godse, Chanpreet Singh, Ekta Brahmakshatri, Kamala Subramaniam, Natraj Kumar, Ritwik Verma, Roshni Datta, Bruce Blau, Deanna Shinsky


Cubberley Theater, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303