Pulling off this well known Broadway farce is no easy task

May 14, 2016     / /

Naatak does it again. Pulling off this well known Broadway farce is no easy task, Needless to say the sets were once again amazing. I bow to you Asheesh Divetia and Snigdha Jain. Applause for Props queen Juhi Mohan right down to the last detail for the fish fry. The entire cast delivered a heady hilarious show.

I was panting just seeing the cast go up and down those stairs. kudos to the sex pot Kamala Subramaniam and the little miss do gooder – Neha Goyal going up and down in heels. They were such a foil for each other. Well done you both and the comic timing was great. It was such a physical play. Truly the pratfal king is Gaurav (Surender Singh) falling with sentences going no where. His backstage romance with Kamala Bai (Mugdha Kulkarni) is hilarious. Drunk Dilip Ratnam in search of the elusive bottle. The harried stage managers Poppy (Vrinda Seth) and Tanmay (Sudipta Chatterjee) trying to keep the backstage madness in order. The play within the play Director Loy (Niranjan Page) is the director who has finally given up … explaining the actors motivation to Fareed (Navjyoti Sharma) who insists on asking the motivation for the most insignificant portion of the play..I am just happy that such chaos is limited in real life. I wonder how much improv went on.

Take a bow Harish Sunderam Agastya and the entire cast and crew. Folks if you have 2.5 hours on Sunday afternoon go check this play out. Next 2 days are sold out.


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