All The World’s An Improv Class

March 31, 2017     / /

Circle Mirror Transformation is an exciting new play by playwright Annie Baker about 5 people from different walks of life and an improv drama class that they are all part of. Over the course of the six week class, the participants engage in many silly-looking exercises – speaking in gibberish, mirroring each other’s goofy actions, forming “statues” of people or objects, etc. The exercises are light-hearted, energetic and funny but slowly transcend into something much more real and personal for everyone. Some relationships are forged while others are frayed, skeletons emerge from unforeseen closets, and a tumultuous past and an obsessive future find their way into the classroom, and the class turns out to be a lesson on more than just improv and acting. Circle Mirror Transformation won the reputed Obie award for Best New American play seven years ago. (The popular musical Hamilton is a more recent winner of the same award.) Naatak will present the play in an intimate setting with the audience 3 feet away from the actors and the action.
– Harish Agastya
Director, Circle Mirror Transformation