We are getting White-mares!

June 10, 2015     / /

  • We are getting White-mares!
  • We are getting White-mares!
  • We are getting White-mares!
Anjana Surin

Heads bowed down, eyes focused, hands stable – this is what you see in these pictures. And White – a lot of White! What you miss is the shiny, friendly banter, the smell of turpentine, crazy hunt to find the perfect stage props, creative brains that cannot be contained in a box, contagious full-bellied laughter, long dedicated commutes on a week night and the food (nothing ever happens without the food!). Naatak’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a lot of community and a lot of theatre!

Why are all the bottles, fruits, silverware all White, you ask? That my friend, is the mystery! If you ever thought that White was a color too mundane – think again. For this color is bringing to life, a Play – sharp and great, that would make you sit upright, it would take you by surprise. Yes, White has that effect on people! If you ever thought that White was innocent – think again. For these stellar, mischievous Picassos with those paintbrushes, are anything but. If you thought White is conservative, White conforms – think again. Rabbit Hole, David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer winner, directed by Harish Sunderam Agastya is stark, crisp and lusturously bold.

Here’s to our Props Team that is busy adding a bit of mysterious White to your life – tell you what they will bring a lot of colors to light! Don’t take our word for it, discover for yourself!

You reading, still? Tickets kaun lega?!

For RABBIT HOLE show info and tickets, please visit http://www.naatak.org/portfolio/rabbit-hole-2015/.