The Foundations TV Reviews Naatak’s “Rabbit Hole”

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  • The Foundations TV Reviews Naatak’s “Rabbit Hole”
  • The Foundations TV Reviews Naatak’s “Rabbit Hole”
  • The Foundations TV Reviews Naatak’s “Rabbit Hole”

This article was published on June 24, 2015 by foundationtv2

Rabbit Hole – Naatak’s 49th Production

By Divya Mehta

20th year is indeed shaping great for USA’s Biggest South Asian Drama Company Naatak. The choice of plays they made for this year has been distinct, yet equally experimentive. In their 49th production they have proved the metal of their experience and evolution.

Rabbit Hole, comes from a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, and have been adapted many times before, even in a mainstream movie. The topic itself is very sensitive, and has been carefully written. And the talented team of Naatak has put together a perfect blend of emotions and theatrical experience in this extraordinary script. I have read the original play, and was intrigued to see its interpretation by Naatak. And may I say, I was blown away.

First I want to mention the impeccable work of the Crew of this production. The production Design, was imaginative, thoughtful and resonated well with the soul of the play. The white texture of existence and hints of meaningful colors clearly conveyed the message of the play. I really admired the well-kept details of props by the Props Designer Savitha Samu. Kudos to the sets team who must’ve worked tirelessly to put together this simple yet creative set.

When you pick a play as sensitive as Rabbit Hole, the director knows exactly what he wants, and it becomes difficult for a director to variant the character. A comedy, a musical, even a Shaksperean classic can distinctly evolve with actor’s personality, but stories where heart has been poured out, you just can’t, you have to dip the character deep to bring those profound emotions.

And Harish Sunderam is one of those Director’s. His visions in details is remarkable. I could visualize what Kamala must’ve been told to emote by him as a director for the scene where she packs the cake for her big mouth mother. Or the way, where he takes his time to make coffee while girls kept contemplating. It was a visual delight. And portrayal of a grieving father by him was remarkable.

What can I say about the actors, except that, I’m still in awe of their performances. Kamala probably just boiled the character into a stew and ate it. She was that good. As I said to her, she did Killed It! You may call me biased but yes, the girls did stole the show. The portrayal of a warm, pathologically nosey, yet grieving mother by Geeta Rai was impeccable. And the brightest of the lot Prathima was just fabulous. Her timing, and stage presence was flawless. And last but not the least Grayson Richmond, his monologue was unbelievable soulful. He literally brought, heart to the character.

The curtains are down and the show is over, but Naatak’s 20th year still has plenty in store for everyone.

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